Equipment Loan and Use Terms

By agreeing to undertake home EEG-ECG monitoring with Seer Medical Holdings Limited, you also agree to the following terms.

Equipment Loan

All equipment provided to you (the "Equipment") is provided on loan for the duration of the monitoring period. Seer Medical Holdings Limited remains the legal owner of the Equipment at all times.


You are responsible for the proper use of the Equipment during the loan period (commencing when you receive the Equipment and ending upon you returning it to Seer Medical Holdings Limited). You must not misuse the Equipment, or use the Equipment contrary to the intended use and instructions as explained to you, or as provided in the hard copy information.

In particular, during the loan period, you must not:

  • tamper with, damage, open or repair any equipment (unless under the express instruction of Seer Medical);
  • lose or part with the possession of equipment;
  • take the Equipment on public transport (unless under the express instruction of Seer Medical);
  • use the Equipment in ways prohibited by laws; or
  • shower or bathe with or near the equipment, Sense or Sight devices. Water and steam can damage the Sense and Sight devices and these must remain outside any room where they are likely to come into contact with water or steam. You are permitted to shower or bathe with the electrodes only attached to your head, provided the electrodes are covered with a suitable shower cap and remain dry at all times.

You are responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement of any Equipment that is damaged, lost, confiscated, or stolen during the loan period. If this happens, you agree to promptly notify Seer Medical.


Following the conclusion of the monitoring period you shall return the Equipment to Seer Medical Holdings Limited at your own cost and at the time and place agreed with Seer Medical Holdings Limited (usually by attending your scheduled disconnection appointment). The Equipment must be returned in as good a condition as when you received it, except for reasonable wear and tear. If you fail to return the Equipment as agreed, you will be liable for the full cost incurred by Seer Medical in collecting or retrieving the Equipment.

Limitation and Waiver of Liability

To the fullest extent permitted by law:

  • Seer Medical and their related entities are not liable for any loss or damage suffered arising out of or in connection with your possession or use of the Equipment; and
  • You agree to release and hold harmless Seer Medical, their related entities, and all their directors, officers, employees and contractors from any and all liability arising out of or in connection with your possession or use of the Equipment and with your home EEG-ECG monitoring.


I acknowledge that during the home EEG-ECG monitoring, Seer Medical Holdings Limited is only responsible for checking the working order of the Equipment, and is not responsible for checking your medical condition. If you are experiencing any medical difficulties during the monitoring, you are responsible for contacting your doctors or medical emergency services.

I have read or been read these Equipment Loan and Use Terms and I agree to them.